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Aims & Objectives

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These aims & objectives are general and ongoing in development*,
more specific learning objectives will follow:

1. To publicise Hodges' Health Career Model by making it accessible to a world wide audience.

2. To continue development of Hodges' Health Career Model and encourage production, validation and application of generic health - social care models for use by the multidisciplinary team, academics, managers, policy makers, patients, and their carers / advocates.

3. To highlight the potential of Hodges' Health Career Model in conjoining health and social care, informatics, practitioners, patients, their families and carers.

4. To extend and challenge definitions of 'holistic', demonstrating that a health tool can be applied to other aspects of human life (for example, bringing health to citizenry and vice-versa).

5. To increase awareness of the potential and limitations of informatics in health and social care.

6. To contribute to 'life-long learning' and interdisciplinary cross-fertilization.

7. To develop a glossary of terms and concepts used within the HCM.*

8. To promote the HCM to the research community and identify research methods & methodologies that can further study and knowledge of conceptual frameworks.

9. To promote governance not only at the clinical and personal level, but the ideal of global governance across h2cm's knowledge domains.

10. To stimulate research in conceptual frameworks that illuminate hidden injustices, the dependencies between economics, education, health, political participation, ecological awareness, cross-cultural awareness and co-operation at all levels of human organization.

11. To investigate ways to produce h2cm materials and maximise their dissemination and application.

Learning objectives

The content provided on the website is intended to help our visitors to better understand:
  • what is the Health Career Model?
  • why it was created - what issues stimulated its development?
  • how the Health Career Model can be applied?*
  • how the Health Career Model relates to the multicontextual nature of health, social care and human organization?
  • what is the philosophical basis for the Health Career Model?*
  • the assumptions that underpin the theory and practical basis for the Health Career Model?

Visitors will be able to demonstrate the above by:

1. Being able to describe verbally and diagrammatically the HCM's structure (axes), and knowledge domains.

2. Visitors will comprehend the factors and applications that stimulated the HCM's development, appreciating the potential of h2cm in clinical and academic practice, plus social and health care policy development programmes.

3. Visitors will comprehend the potential of the HCM when allied with informatics and communications technologies.

4. Visitors will be stimulated to think critically about the content provided, relating this to their studies, practice or experience (whether clinical, academic, policy, service user, or carer).

5. More experienced care service recipients, carers, advocates and practitioners may be stimulated by philosophical content* to formulate and articulate arguments that distinguish between the strengths of the HCM approach and its limits.

6. Visitors will be able to apply the HCM* to a clinical case (or other scenario) using the documentation provided, representing relevant features using the HCM format appreciating its use in formulating care plans, collaborative care and integrated pathways and care evaluation.

7. The extent of recall and assimilation of some content could be assessed with recourse to a multiple choice test. This will be updated - at some point.

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