Dear searching for 'career model' or 'model career' visitor...

If you arrived at this website searching the net for information on a career in modelling my apologies for this diversion, but please don't click away just yet.

Having noticed that some of our visitors are searching for information about modelling as a career I could not resist acknowledging your arrival and special potential.

As you are no doubt aware demographic trends around much of the world means that health and social care services have recruitment headaches! The world is short of nurses and other care professionals. Absolutely marvellous as nursing is (I am biased), career options do not begin and end with nursing. There are many other disciplines and qualifying for them is also an achievable and rewarding goal. Financial assistance while studying is frequently available.

Health and social care also welcomes mature students - so please consider health & social care careers in your future.

Right now though - whatever you decide to do - thanks for your time and very best wishes to you.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Jones

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