Dear Visitor...

Whether your visit to this site is deliberate or accidental - welcome.

As webmaster I'd like to think that Brian Hodges' notes, supporting pages and a unique set of links make for an interesting site. Of course this is far from the case.

One key ingredient is missing: you!

For a site concerned with cognitive spaces, there are several vacant spaces that a review of this site reveals.

Where are the case studies that demonstrate the versatility of Hodges' model? Where are the journal papers, the community of practice, workshop accounts and additional resources?

If you are interested in applying the model, but have some queries please get in touch. Similarly, if you have any proposals I would be delighted to discuss and advise.

I look forward to hearing from you as together we create a dynamic resource, a space for individuals and the world to reflect, meet and share.

Many thanks for your time.

Best wishes

Peter Jones

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