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Welcome to the web site devoted to Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model (H2CM) a health and social care model to support care theory and practice originally conceived and written by Brian E Hodges.

First published on the web in April 1998, the last major update of this site from January 2005 included the current home page, introductions addressing four audiences and material described below. The old home page is available and a directory type listing of the site's contents.

Visitors are also directed to the blog 'Welcome to the QUAD'. The first post appeared in April 2006 and continues to include an eclectic mix of posts on h2cm, nursing, education, global health and informatics. There are plans to create a new website that may be more dynamic and community oriented.

The H2CM has potential across health & social care - and I believe beyond. Once you have investigated this web site, we trust you will also recognise the relevance of Brian's work to health & social care professionals, patients, carers and other agencies. Whether you are new to the site or have visited us before, Brian and I hope you find something of interest here. Whatever your thoughts we would be very pleased to hear from you.

What this website contains and how to find it...

The image map on the previous page and an overview of this website show the main sections of this web site, but not all possible links are shown. So please explore! Web browsers allow you to travel backwards and forwards between pages. Some images are shown in smaller form to facilitate faster transfer, mouse clicking on this smaller image will display the larger graphic.

If you have no knowledge of Brian's work then please review our aims & objectives and FAQ. The introduction provides some background to what the HCM is, with initial exploration of terminology.

I am most grateful to Brian who has given me permission to publish his original course notes. Brian incorporates listings of possible content in each of the HCM's knowledge domains, and consideration of how the HCM bridges the theory-practice gap.

The HCM has great potential as a means to capture the multicontextual nature of health care is revealed. Within contexts there are several links to HCM examples including 'risk', 'unmet needs' and 'health promotion'.

I see a future for Brian's work inextricably linked to information and communications technologies (ICT). This explains content exploring the assumptions behind the health career model. What is the basis of the HCM? What can we say about its structure and possible theoretical underpinnings?

My reflections are developed further in HCM and visualization further explaining why I find the HCM so fascinating. Throughout my career informatics has been a key interest, this emphasis can be found in material on technology, data, information and knowledge.

Although the concept of chaos is not new, research into its potential application in health and social sciences continues apace. With the eclectic scope of the HCM in mind chaos, change, holism explore this important field of enquiry. This will be extended further as studies identify philosophical work that can underpin h2cm.>

Resources comprise several basic HCM forms, generic teaching aids, and cognitive behavioural therapy documentation. A series of multiple choice questions are being updated based on site contents. Frequently updated and checked, our links extend across four pages, one per domain: Interpersonal, Sciences, Sociological and Political. Some of the links categories include conferences arranged in year order. If you are a conference organiser and would like to be listed please get in touch. There are also brief biographies of Brian Hodges and myself - Peter Jones.

Where possible permission is sought for links; however, some institutions reject my message interpreting it as spam (a fact of e-life not a complaint). For other details of a similar political vein please refer to our disclaimer.



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